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The Five Biggest Lies of The Official Coronavirus Narrative

This article debunks the five biggest lies of the official coronavirus narrative one by one.

Lie 1. A contagious coronavirus would have caused a global pandemic

At the end of 2019, there would have been an outbreak of a reportedly highly contagious coronavirus in the Chinese metropolis of Wuhan. It is now more than two years later, and there is still no proof of the existence of this alleged virus. That is not too surprising, because the idea that disease-causing viruses exist is nothing but an unproven theory, for which there is also no sound scientific basis. The disease symptoms attributed to the fictional coronavirus are mainly the result of (5G) wireless data transmission technology in combination with nano-pollution. In addition, all cases of flu are also considered cases of this made-up COrona VIrus Disease (COVID), which is sheer madness. The phenomenon called the flu is nothing more than a seasonal solution of the immune system to detoxify.

Lie 2. The presence of the non-existent coronavirus could be determined via a cotton swab test

The mucus taken from the nasal cavity or throat via a cotton swab cannot possibly serve to prove that someone would have the coronavirus for the simple reason that this alleged virus does not exist at all. Anyone with a positive test result is therefore a so-called ‘false positive’, which means that this result is completely invalid. Therefore, these positively tested individuals do not need to be treated at all. Their compulsory quarantine is just for the show, as this is complete nonsense. After all, they had nothing contagious within their physical body at the time of testing. These tests measure nothing more than the presence of certain genetic waste products as a result of the natural breakdown of discarded body cells. The value of the outcome of these nonsensical tests is therefore null and void.

Lie 3. The alleged anti-coronavirus injections would protect against the coronavirus disease

Once again, I emphasize that the coronavirus does not exist at all. As mentioned, the symptoms attributed to this invented coronavirus disease are mainly caused by (5G) wireless data transmission technology in combination with nano-pollution, but also by psychosocial factors such as anxiety, stress, and loneliness as a result of the imposed social isolation. In this article, I will not delve into the content of these syringes, but it will be clear that no injection can offer protection against radiation sickness or (nano) environmental pollution. In addition, no preventive injection has ever been scientifically proven to be effective and safe. However, what becomes now abundantly clear is that more and more people are suffering serious health damage as a result of these imposed injections (and to disguise that, “variants” of the non-existent coronavirus have been concocted, denoted by Greek letter names, such as Delta and Omicron). The rates of injected people with permanent damage from these injections are rising alarmingly (including losing the ability to have children), and so are all deaths. While at the beginning of this plandemic, people were wrongly diagnosed with this made-up coronavirus disease, now all symptoms, including death as a result of these injections, are kept out of official reporting. Incidentally, it is not correct to refer to these as side effects of injections, because this concerns the effects of these experimental injections. Just think about that!

Lie 4. The uninjected ones would spread the nonexistent coronavirus

How can someone who has been injected with all the prescribed alleged anti-coronavirus injections still contract the alleged coronavirus disease? Almost all people who are admitted to hospital with breathing problems, movement problems, memory problems, blood problems, heart problems, or unexplained pains have all taken all the imposed injections. It is therefore completely evident that these injections do not help at all to prevent these symptoms. In view of the foregoing, that is also perfectly logical, because after all, there is no coronavirus at all, nor a coronavirus disease. However, the listed symptoms do exist, but none of them are the result of an acquired contamination. After all, there is nothing that could contaminate anyone, apart from the propaganda lies of the corrupt mass media and criminal authorities. Imposing the need to wear face masks, keeping a minimum physical distance, and the other restrictive measures are not only insane, they are even counterproductive because they negatively influence the psychosocial factors mentioned, and thus harm general health!

Lie 5. Segregation would be necessary to prevent spread

The spread of the alleged coronavirus disease does not come from the uninjected, as scientifically demonstrated above. Relegating to second-class people anyone who does not allow themselves to be injected with these life-threatening injections is a crime against humanity. Some 80 years ago, we saw the effect of segregation by a fascist Nazi regime, in which unwanted people were cornered more and more to eventually take everything away from them, including in many cases their lives. “Never again” is commemorated every year at the WWII Remembrance Day in many countries. How hypocritical is it to now want to do this again in exactly the same way? The first camps are already operational.

Never again?

Anyone with sufficient social intelligence agrees that discriminating on the basis of skin color, religion, or sexual orientation is inadmissible. But people who take their own health very seriously and therefore consciously do not want to participate in this global injection experiment could suddenly legally be discriminated against? Seriously?! After all, everyone has every right not to want to participate in an experiment, as is also confirmed by the Nuremberg code.

How brainwashed and especially mentally degenerate do you have to be to think that excluding healthy people who pose absolutely no risk of contamination to anyone would be lawfully or scientifically substantiated? How much longer are we going to put up with this madness? When will the first protest songs come out? Where do we draw the line in the sand? How long will we allow the ruling terrorists who are actually paid by their own people to continue carrying out this depopulation agenda? This is absolutely not a far-fetched conspiracy theory as the facts show us that this has become the daily reality. Every day there are more civilian casualties in this covert war against the people.

What has been going on since 2020 under the guise of fighting a nonexistent pandemic is the greatest crime of all time against humanity. Many Nazi war criminals escaped punishment in the middle of the last century, for example by fleeing to South America. For all the criminals in the war now being waged by the governments against their own people, there will be no country for them to flee to. In every country, all the criminals responsible for the illegal and unscientific measures that have been pushed further and further are now being put on long lists. Each of them will have to answer to a public people’s tribunal as soon as this war is over. These criminals work, among others, in public administration at every level, in the so-called “healthcare”, in “justice” and police, in the brainwashing mass media, in the pharmaceutical industry, and in various non-governmental organizations. In any case, all these corrupt officials will be charged with complicity in premeditated mass murder (or even genocide). Then they will all, without exception, get what they deserve.

Fortunately, the global control freaks who came up with all this made a huge fallacy. Due to the injections accepted by these victims themselves, the group of compliants will become smaller and smaller, while the group of the resisters will continue to grow, both in relative and absolute terms. Every day more and more people realize that they have been lied to by ruling puppets and corrupt fake experts. In the end, the truth prevails. That is for sure. And this truth will at least bring the five lies of this article to the fore, for those who have not yet been able to free themselves from their brainwashing.

Do you want to help make the truth prevail as soon as possible by sharing this article as far and wide as you can with everyone who still believes in one or more of the above lies? I would very much like to thank you in advance for that!

Dr. Johan Oldenkamp
all-round researcher
author of 56 books, including about natural health

This news item, written on Tuesday 7 December 2021 by Johan Oldenkamp, is also available in Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Dutch.

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