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The Zionist Master Plan

Just as explained in the Wholly Science Master Class video on the End Times Prophecy, the number 7 plays a central role in the Zionist Master Plan. That is why the essential steps of this plan were always taken in years ending on a 7: 1897, 1917, 1947, 1967, and 2017. The two factual videos embedded below reveal this Zionist Master Plan in even more detail.

It all has to do with this part from the prophecy of Daniel:

And you shall know and understand, that from the going forth of the word for the responding and for the building of Jerusalem until the Anointed One (Christos),
[there shall be] 7 “weeks” and 62 weeks.
(Daniel 9:25)

Clearly, the length of this prophesized period is not 69 weeks, as in that case the 7 and the 62 would not have been mentioned separately. The 7 “weeks” are in fact 7 periods of 7 years each, giving a total of 49 years. Adding the 62 real weeks to these 49 years gives a total period length of 50 years and 69 days. This interpretation is also implicitly used in the above videos.

However, in the above videos, it is stated that this word was given on 2017 December 6 by Donald Trump:

In the above mentioned Master Class video, I assumed that this word was given back in 1967. We will soon see if my interpretation was false.


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