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WSEP Level 3

Level 3

of the Wholly Science Education Program

To support Level 3 Wholly Science students in completing this level of the Wholly Science Education Program, an interactive workshop will be held for each module once every week, starting on Sunday 5 November 2023 at 8 pm Central European Time (CET). The questions of the participants about the module in question are then answered in consultation with the other participants. If possible, these questions will be submitted at least 24 hours in advance by email, so that the answers can be prepared. Where necessary, the theory will also be explained again by all-round scientist and spiritual master Johan Oldenkamp, possibly from a different angle.


Date #  Subject
2023/11/05 3A  Physics
2023/11/12 3B  Chemistry
2023/11/19 3C  Biology
2023/11/26 3D  Psychology
2023/12/10 3E  Philosophy
2023/12/17 3F  Theology
2024/01/07 3G  Salveology
2024/01/14 3H  Selfology

Each workshop starts at 8:00 pm CET. If desired, the above schedule can be adjusted in the meantime, of course in consultation with the participants.


Anyone from Level 3 of the Wholly Science Education Program can participate.


For this workshop series, the Zoom’s video conferencing platform is used. Make sure you have preinstalled this free software (the Zoom app) on your computer or mobile device. And also make sure you have a functioning webcam and microphone. Anyone who has registered by email and has paid the participation fee will be admitted to Pateo’s Zoom Room at the starting time.

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The participation fee is only € 5 per workshop, which gives a total amount of € 40, preferably payable in Tether (USDT) via the TRON network (TRC20).

Preferably donate in Tether (USDT)

Sign up?

You sign up for this workshop series by sending an email to B o o k i n g @ P a t e o . n l (without spaces). If possible, make the payment right away. This workshop series offers space for a maximum of 15 participants. Wholly Science students who frequently attend the weekly Wholly Science study group meetings will be given priority for participation.


Check the Agenda of Pateo.NL for more workshops or other events.

This online workshop series is also available in Dutch.

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