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Pateo Newsletter № 41


Pateo Newsletter of Saturday, April 8th, 2017 on the State of the World

The USA attacked again an innocent country

Last Tuesday (April 4th, 2017), dozens of people in the town of Khan Sheikhoun in the Syrian province of Idlib came in contact with poison gas. The death toll eventually became more then seventy people. Besides this horrible massacre, also the truth was murdered. The Syrian authorities claimed that their air force had hit a poison gas depot of the (hired) rebels. On the other hand, the most aggressive nation on the planet immediately claimed that Syrian president Bashar al-Assad (1965) would have carried out a poison gas attack on his own people.

Without any evidence, and without even coming up with a possible motive for this alleged poison gas attack, the USA navy fired as many as 59 cruise missiles from its war ships in the Mediterranean on the Syrian air base in Shayrat, last Friday night (April 7th) around a quarter to three local time, of which allegedly less than half of these missiles hit their target. On the global stage, the USA took on the self-proclaimed roles of prosecutor, judge, and punishment executor, without even hearing the accused. The only response from the international community to all this is looking meekly at it. Other national puppet governments dared to refer to is as a “proportional response”. What a shameless display! After Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Yemen, the USA launched this time an illegitimate attack against Syria. On the USA’s To Do List now only remain the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (commonly known as North Korea).

Meanwhile, the camps have become clear. The USA, backed by Britain, Turkey, and Israel, are now diametrically opposed to Russia and Iran, who have chosen the side of Syria. If this escalates any further, China will probably also choose side against the USA and its war- mongering allies.

Four years ago, it turned out differently. On Wednesday, August 21st, 2013, in the Syrian town of Ghouta, hundreds of people died because of a deliberate attack with the poison gas Sarin. Also then, the USA shouted out the loudest that the regime of Assad allegedly did this on purpose, and also then the USA warships were fully prepared to fire. However, due to lack of evidence, there was insufficient international support for bombarding the Syrian army, back in 2013. This time, the USA did not want to miss this golden opportunity for escalation, and attacked within 72 hours. Somehow nobody seems to mind that the USA, by doing so, clearly violated international legislation.

Barry Soetoro (1961), oops, I mean of course Barack Obama, was as USA president not very peaceful in recent years, to say the least. However, for his very first year as president of the USA, he received the Nobel Peace Prize. This “peaceful” USA president ordered ten times more drone strikes than his predecessor George W. Bush (1946). In 2016 alone, Soetoro a.k.a. Obama dropped 26,171 bombs, which corresponds to a daily average of 72 bombs. Is the war mongering of the USA reduced since Donald Trump (1946) moved to the Oval Office in the White House? It most certainly looks like that this Twitter king is indeed behaving as a loose cannon. In my first newsletter of this year, I guaranteed that 2017 will not be boring year. That prediction has now already been fulfilled, and we are not even up to a third of the year.

For terror attacks, countries matter more than death tolls

Last Monday afternoon (April 3rd), a bomb exploded in the subway in the center of the Russian port city of St Petersburg. We were told that 14 people died. The mainstream media in the “Free” West did not ignored it, but neither were they really impressed by the events. The local chief prosecutor responded that evening by saying that is was premature to talk about an attack.

Yesterday afternoon (Friday, April 7th), a stolen truck drove into a group of people and smashed into the front of a department store in the center of the Swedish capital Stockholm. We were told that 14 people died. The mainstream media in the “Free” West immediately exploded as soon as this news came out. Swedish Prime Minister stated directly afterwards that Sweden was under attack.

Can you see the differences?

Furthermore, we should not forget about the 3/22 celebration which this occurred this year in London City, Britain. We were told that 6 people died, including the perpetrator and the woman who fell down in the Thames. If you want to see the spotless knives with which a policeman was allegedly stabbed to death, then watch the 38th episode of Pateo TV:

What do you think is the truth about Jesus?

  1. The historical Jesus really existed
  2. The historical Jesus was a Roman fiction
  3. None of the above

Do you dare to face the facts?

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Thank you for reading this Pateo Newsletter (and possibly also forwarding it, and/or republishing it).

With Love and Wisdom,

Johan Oldenkamp

Pateo.NL : Wholly Science (“The wholesome reunification of sound Science and solid Spirituality”)

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