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Pateo Newsletter № 48


Pateo Newsletter of Saturday, November 18th, 2017, on Methuselah

The Purpose of the Prize Question about Enoch’s father

On Friday, November 3rd, 2017, I launched a prize question, as explained in the previous Pateo Newsletter. Whoever can tell me who was the real father of Enoch from the Book of Genesis was, would initially win ten free episodes of own choice of Wholly Scripture TV, worth € 50. In the fourth chapter of Genesis, we read in verse 17 that Cain was the father from Enoch, but in the fifth chapter of Genesis, it states in verse 18 that Enoch’s father was Jared (or Yered). Because of this (apparent) contradiction, I really hoped that the participants in this prize question would delve into this matter themselves. Unfortunately, there participants only submitted answers that mention Cain or Jared, and hardly anyone showed even the slightest evidence of any research conducted.

In a second attempt to encourage fellow people to do independent research, I raised a week later the prize of this contest to € 120, namely a free subscription to Whole Scripture TV for the duration of two years, and I also gave several hints in a new video:

Still, I received answers mentioning Jared or Cain, but there were also participants who thought that the correct answer was Adam, or even God. And among the other answers were the following alleged fathers of Enoch: Helios, Osiris, and Metatron. And there was someone who thought that the correct answer would be: Bereshit.

Although this prize question is still running until the upcoming weekend, I do not expect that there will be a prize winner. I launched this prize question in order to get in touch with smart people who are both “awake”, and want to do genuine research. If researched sinserely, this question will bring you straight down into the “rabbit hole”, as deep as it goes. Unfortunately, apparently all participants so far do not dare to enter this hole at all, as they remain looking at it from a safe distance. I honestly do not understand this. Is this due to fear? Or due to ignorance caused by lifelong indoctrination? Or are we dealing here with serious mental degeneration, with shameful stupidity as a result? Of course I know that a lot of people have very little time and energy available for researching a question like this, since their slavism sucks them dry. But surely there must be a few people on this planet who can help me with my work? Or should it really all come from me alone?

Whoever would have entered this rabbit hole, would sooner or later have discovered that the ages in the fifth chapter of Genesis have been tampered with. Apparently, the control freaks of that time were afraid that common people might find inconsistencies when they themselves would start to calculate with these ages. Well, the contemporary control freaks absolutely need not to worry about this, because contemporary common people have far better and far more important work to do than Bible study.

Christians believe that Bible study would be about attentively reading the texts from the Bible. However, they have no clue that the texts that they read so faithfully have been manipulated by past control freaks. In the year 405 of our current era, “Rome” released the Latin version of the Bible that was approved by these control freaks (called the Vulgate), on which almost all current versions are based. But two centuries earlier, there was already a Latin version of these Bible books, which was based on the Greek texts, which were translated from the year 250 before our current era from the scrolls written in the language Ketav Ivri. Strangely enough, Christians know nothing about the true history of the Scripture. Also regarding these texts, their belief is founded on quick sand.

If I can investigate it, can you do it too? Or am I perhaps the only one capable of doing this? If it is only me, then that would be very worrying for humanity! What do you think?

This outrageous lie is published on Wikipedia: “The Septuagint (often referred to LXX) is a translation of the Hebrew Bible.” The truth is that the Hebrew version of these ancient books dates from around the year 800 of our current (tuned to the Vulgate), and that these Greek texts are 1000 years (!) older.

The only thing a real researcher (you perhaps?) needs to do is to write down the ages from chapter 5 of Genesis for both the LXX version and the Vulgate version (or a version derived from it, such as the King James Version). This gives you direct evidence for the way in which the original texts of the Scripture have been manipulated by “Rome”. And now that I have revealed this, let us see what “Rome” tried to conceal:

It is about the age of Mathusala. In English, this name is mostly translated with Methuselah, but also with Methusalach. In the original LXX version, this Methuselah was 167 years old when he became the father of Lamech, who in turn was 188 years old when he became the father of Noah. Of all the men mentioned in Genesis 5, Methuselah, thus the grandfather of Noah, became the oldest, namely 969 years. I leave these high ages and their possible meanings out of consideration here, because we now only look at the literal text.

In the Vulgate version, almost all ages that the fathers of Genesis 5 had when the next generation was born were reduced by exactly a century. For example, according to the Vulgate, Adam was not 230 years old when Seth was born, but 130 years old. Only Jared is remarkably enough skipped for this adjustment, and for Methusalem 20 years is added (instead of a 100 years deduction as with almost everyone else). Maybe I could revive the prize question with this additional information, but to be honest, I have long since given up. Would you have managed to find out why “Rome” made Methuselah 20 years older at the time of the birth of his son Lamech? If so, then stop reading now, and start conducting your own research.

You see, you just read on, so I was right about you. Still, I hope that you have understood my cry for help. I really do not like the idea that I would be the only competent Bible researcher. I do this for all of us, and it would be so nice if there were colleagues around the world who would help me carry out genuine Bible study. I therefore very much hope that this Pateo Newsletter will bring me in contact with these new colleagues.

Anyway, you surely still want to know why “Rome” has been messing about with those ages. This reason is actually quite straightforward. Just add up to each other: (1) after 167 years Methusalem becomes father of Lamech + (2) after 188 years Lamech becomes father after Noah + (3) when Noah is 600 years old, the Flood takes place, which lasts for 150 days. Methuselah is thus (167 + 188 + 600 =) 955 years old when the Flood is over. We also know that he died when he was 969 years old, so 14 years AFTER the flood. But because the text in Genesis later on says that only Noah and his wife and their three sons plus their wives allegedly survived the Flood, “Rome” took the “liberty” to alter Methusalem’s death to 6 years BEFORE the Flood.

Now, be honest with yourself: Could you have discovered this yourself? If so, can you then also discover the reason for all those other age changes in the Vulgate?

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