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Pateo Newsletter № 60

Pateo Newsletter of Tuesday 26 January 2021 on the true reason for the injections

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See through the misleading wordings

We have been bombarded by the government and the controlled media with misleading wordings for almost a year now. However, this is systematically refuted in this introduction to this newsletter.

To begin with, it is said that some people have (or had) the alleged “coronavirus”. This would then have been concluded on the basis of a positive result of the PCR test. This test applies a Polymerase Chain Reaction to a tiny amount of genetic material to multiply it so that it can be analyzed. If this test then shows that a virus is present in the removed throat or nasal mucus, then it is concluded that this person would have become infected with the virus called “SARS-CoV-2” (as an abbreviation of the description of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome - Corona Virus - 2, as a successor to “SARS-CoV-1” from 2003), which is said to be the cause of an (alleged) disease called “COVID-19” (Corona Virus Disease 2019). But is that actually the case? Let’s take a closer look and find out what this test really does.

A virus is nothing more than just a tiny, lifeless sphere with proteins on the outside and genetic material on the inside. Only when a living cell attaches itself to this lifeless sphere and its genetic material enters this living cell and becomes activated, only then is there a virus infection. And even if this happens, then there is still nothing wrong for a healthy person, because the natural balance maintenance system (also called the defense system or the immune system) detects this immediately and then isolates and removes this infected body cell.

Genetic material consists of a series of four different nucleobases. The order in which these nucleobases are placed determines its genetic identity. In the case of Deoxyribo-Nucleic Acid (DNA), this concerns the nucleobases Adenine, Thymine, Guanine, and Cytosine. Because the DNA of every person is different, it can be determined from a blood trail found, whether or not it originated from an alleged perpetrator. Likewise, each virus has a unique genetic identity, and its core may contain Ribo-Nucleic Acid (RNA) in place of DNA. Where DNA consists of two connected strands, RNA consists of only one strand (and in it, Uracil has taken the place of Thymine).

Knowing all this, we would expect the so-called “corona test” to be based on the genetic identity of SARS-CoV-2, but that is not the case at all. The PCR test only indicates whether viral RNA is present in someone’s nose or throat mucus, and therefore not whether someone is actually infected with it, and certainly not whether this is with SARS-CoV-2. Hardly anyone with a positive PCR test result is really sick, let alone contagious. Counting positive PCR test results every day again, and publishing about it, is completely madness, because it says nothing at all. And that is not only my conclusion, because it was even confirmed by the inventor of this PCR test, Kary Mullis (1944 – 2019), who received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1993 for this invention. When he went on to say that there is also no scientific evidence at all for the claim that the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) causes the (alleged) disease of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), he fell increasingly into disgraced by the high priests of scientism. But Kary Mullis, on the other hand, was a genuine scientist, who would not let money or fame corrupt him. Sadly, he was the exception to the rule, because university “science” is now corrupt to the core, with “virology” as the all-time low, which, like the rest of “medicinal science”, dances to the tune of pharmaceuticals mafia. Anyone who dares to call this “health care” has a serious mental disability.

In short, does everyone with a positive PCR test result have “corona”? No, absolutely not! And does the “coronavirus” actually exist? Well, there is still no scientific evidence for that. But what about all those “corona patients” who have since died or are in an Intensive Care (IC) unit? That is indeed a good question, which will be answered in the next section.

The numbers don’t lie! Or do they?

The government and the controlled media are practicing pure propaganda by picturing a reality that does not exist at all. The IC departments would be completely full (with “corona patients”), but several brave insiders dare to contradict this. We should supposedly have a lot of appreciation for “healthcare” professionals, but I have zero respect for corrupt white coat criminals. None of the above is unknown to them, yet they all play along with these mega lies as hypocritical traitors.

Significantly more people died in 2020 than in the years before. And this extra number is roughly equivalent to the official number of “corona deaths”. I dare to say here that a large part of these extra deaths was caused by social isolation, by imposed fear and the compulsory “corona treatment protocol”, and thus we should speak of culpable deaths. Because only with a significantly higher death rate could all those absurd, draconian measures be sold to all those gullible and ill-informed people.

Because of the mega interests that play a role here, those who provide the numbers are not neutral. We are therefore presented with colored data that do not represent a realistic reflection of reality. The government, the “healthcare” industry and the controlled media conspire to perpetuate the illusion of a global pandemic when, in fact, nothing out of the ordinary is going on. But what is the reason for this worldwide conspiracy, you might want to know? That comes now.

What is really in the injections?

The injections, supplied by BioNTech / Pfizer, are named Comirnaty. Its leaflet states the following about its mechanism of action:

The nucleoside-modified messenger RNA in Comirnaty is formulated in lipid nanoparticles, which enable delivery of the non replicating RNA into host cells to direct transient expression of the SARS-CoV-2 S antigen. The mRNA codes for membrane-anchored, full-length S with two point mutations within the central helix. Mutation of these two amino acids to proline locks S in an antigenically preferred prefusion conformation. The vaccine elicits both neutralizing antibody and cellular immune responses to the spike (S) antigen, which may contribute to protection against COVID-19.

I recommend that you read the last subordinate clause again, because the keyword in it invalidates all the virological jargon prior to it. I, of course, refer here to verb “may”. So, for the sake of clarity, it does not say “is expected to” or “most likely will”. Likewise, someone who buys a lottery ticket may win the grand prize, but the odds of that to really occur are extremely minimal. Would the experts (or better: criminals) at BioNTech / Pfizer know that the chances of Comirnaty actually offering protection against this “life-threatening pandemic” are extremely minimal?

If you really want to know how this injection will affect a human body, then you need to investigate the effect of the S-antigen. So, like me, do your own research, and then you also will find that this S-antigen (also called S-arrestin) counteracts the pineal gland’s ability to absorb light. So that’s what this is all about! Apparently, sodium fluoride (added to almost every toothpaste and in many countries also to tap water) does not do enough damage to this endocrine gland, and therefore it is now time for a more severe attack. The injections thus serve to permanently inactivate the pineal gland (or epiphysis). Why, you might want to know? That comes now.

What is the real agenda behind all this?

Clearly, the pandemic is a fake. More people are dying worldwide than before, but this is being done on purpose as a result of criminal treatment protocols and corrupt government measures. As a result, mostly old and weak people are sacrificed in order to allow the government by lies to continue. For that government by lies can only continue as long as there are enough gullible and ill-informed people to believe in these lies.

The global control freaks know they have to hurry. Just as it becomes light every morning, and just as there is more light than darkness in a natural day each spring, similarly also more light enters human consciousness as a result of the Great-Yearly transition from the Iron Age to the Bronze Age. We have been in that transition since 2012. And as a result, more and more people are starting to realize that many things they previously believed to be true are in fact not true at all. That process is called “awakening”, first socially and then possibly also Spiritual.

The global control freaks are trying with all their might to counteract this collective awakening. But apparently brainwashing via the controlled media in combination with chemicals in our food, drinks and prescription “medicines” (pharmaceutical drugs) no longer works good enough. Therefore, this awakening must now be blocked with more drastic means.

The real problem according to the global control freaks are the people. That is why these control freaks also manipulate the weather, and next put the blame on the people. According to these control freaks, the people are also to blame for the outbreak of this life-threatening pandemic (which was also invented by that these global control freaks themselves). The global control freaks keep creating problems, and then again and again put the blame on the people. Gullible and ill-informed people believe this, and are led to believe that they are guilty of it, just as the religions have always done, followed by the financial institutions. They all try to put the blame on the people so that they can remain in control.

Awake people who can see through this deception know that they are actually innocent or can become innocent (again). The point is that the global control freaks have no power over innocent people, and they very much detest this. That fear for powerlessness is in fact the root cause for all that has been going on for thousands of years on this planet. A small club of parasites can only continue to parasitize as long as there are enough gullible and ill-informed people who believe they are guilty and do what the control freaks tell them to do. But now these parasites are afraid that too many people will wake up, and therefore they are doing everything they can to prevent this collective awakening.

What can you do?

What you pay attention to, will, as a result, grow, and will thus become stronger and stronger. In the past calendar year, I therefore paid as little attention as possible to this plandemic (also known as scamdemic). But now that the syringes are ready, I can no longer ignore this.

But what then can we do? Does it make sense to openly fight a government that has usurped the monopoly on violence? Does it make sense to send a petition to acting “representatives”? Does it make sense to try to change the policy of government through the ceremonial elections? In 2012, I still thought that we could change the system from within, and that is why I took part in the Dutch parliamentary elections as the party leader of a new party. Now, in 2021, I think that the system only serves the interests of the global control freaks, and that it is therefore pointless to try to find a solution in this direction.

The only real solution can be found within ourselves. That is because every human being is created in the image of God, as it is written in the first chapter of the Bible. For me, the Word of God is the Supreme Word, and therefore I study it very thoroughly. Whoever really understands that Word is thereby led to the Truth. And only this Truth can really set us free.

This, too, is not unknown to the global control freaks, and therefor all religions actually block any profound understanding of the Word of God. Hoverer, everything always happens in all openness, because the global control freaks know how important it is for them to be able to wash their hands in innocence. That is why, for example, Zionist Karl Marx (1818 – 1883) wrote that religion is “the opium of the people”. By doing so, he made known that believing in a religion indeed results in narrowing of consciousness.

The essential word is therefore “consciousness”. People with a shallow and narrow consciousness allow themselves to be blamed and therefore lose the potential to become an image of God. But people who do what God asks of us and consciously work on themselves to make their own consciousness higher and wider, they retain this possibility to eventually realize this Godly image within themselves. However, the biggest obstacle to this development of consciousness are we ourselves. Without the help of a Truth-based “school” this is therefore impossible, for we cannot pull ourselves up by our own hair. Such a school is offered to you by Wholly Science.

Do you feel that something must be done now? Then start studying Wholly Science today or continue with it! In other words: with what would you rather be injected, with pharmaceutical poison that gives your pineal gland the final blow or with the Enlightening Logic that we can find in the Word of God? Know that you cannot serve two masters. Which master do you therefore choose? The One of the Light? Or the one that stops the light from penetrating your pineal gland?

Finally, if you would like to continue to receive this newsletter, then please ensure that you have purchased at least the introductory offer for the Wholly Science Education Program.

Thank you for reading this Pateo Newsletter (and possibly also forwarding it, and/or republishing it).

With Love and Wisdom,

Johan Oldenkamp

Pateo.NL : Wholly Science (“The wholesome reunification of sound Science and solid Spirituality”)

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