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Pateo Newsletter № 59

Pateo Newsletter of Thursday 24 December 2020 on wishing you an inspiring Midwinter Festival

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Sent to Wholly Science students only

Anyone who has purchased at least the Wholly Science Handbook (from 2015) or Video Course (from 2016) is considered a Wholly Science student, especially anyone who has started the Wholly Science Education Program, from for example the introductory offer. This 59th edition of Pateo’s Newsletter was sent to them only, as all Wholly Science students are wished an inspiring Midwinter Festival. Those who are not yet a Wholly Science student are strongly advised to become one as soon as possible, partly in view of recent global events. And those who already are, they are encouraged to continue studying Wholly Science by completing the Wholly Science Education Program, so that we can consciously and competently join our creative capabilities.

Will you participate in the series of five self-knowledge workshops in early 2021?

Without self-knowledge, reality can never really be understood. At the same time, achieving self-knowledge is the hardest thing there is. That is why you find self-knowledge as early as possible in the Wholly Science Education Program, namely at Level 2, right after the most basic things have been explained at Level 1.

Level 2 Wholly Science students in particular are invited to participate in the series of five self-knowledge workshops in early 2021. In every workshop, each participant receives an individual reading, based on Wholly Science. In consultation, we then investigate to what extent you recognize yourself in this. The five self-knowledge methods that will be applied one by one are:

After having given these workshops in real life many times, including during the Self-Knowledge Weeks in Germany and France, I will be giving this series of self-knowledge workshops online, on five consecutive Sundays from January 10th (2021). If you want to participate, then register quickly, because the number of places is limited, so that each participant can get enough time.

You are most welcome to join the online study group meetings

Every Thursday from 9 pm (Central European Time), there is an online Wholly Science study group meeting. If you have started with the Wholly Science Education program, then you are more than welcome to participate in this weekly group dialogue. It is an open platform in which (in-depth) questions can be asked, but in which also experiences or perspectives can be shared. Check out the Agenda on Pateo.NL for more details.

The Wholly Science Education Program now also includes exercises

The need for more exercises has been indicated within the study group meetings. That is why all Level 1 modules have now been provided with a practical exercise. Look for this on the webpage of each module. For Level 2, this was already the case. Also the final module of Level 3 includes an exercise. In conclusion, it is likely that the first seven modules of Level 3 will also be provided with exercises in the near future. This will then be reported in a subsequent newsletter.

What goal do you want to achieve with Wholly Science?

Because Wholly Science is the all-encompassing paradigm, you can actually go into any direction with it. That may sound like an advantage, but initially it is a disadvantage, because it does not make it sufficiently concrete for many. That is why it is important that you set a clear goal for yourself at the start that you want to achieve with the help of Wholly Science. For example, this could be one of the goals mentioned below (in bold).

“I want to be sovereign!” Certainly in these strange times, many people suddenly discover that they are dealing with authorities who seem to be able to impose the most drastic measures upon them. More and more of them do not like this, and are therefore looking for ways to get out of it. In their search, they quickly discover the services of self-proclaimed “sovereignty” advisers. Almost all of these “sovereignty” advisers claim to have developed a watertight liberation method, which often turns out to be quite expensive. Everyone is of course free to try out one or more of these methods, but you can save yourself a lot of time, money, effort, and most importantly, disappointments by completing the Wholly Science Education Program. At Level 5, you will receive all the answers about individual sovereignty on a silver platter, for which you do not have to pay anything extra. Moreover, you will immediately understand why none of the commercial liberation methods offered by these self-proclaimed “sovereignty” advisers can really work.

“I want to understand the coherence of everything!” Although this is certainly possible thanks to Wholly Science, as indicated as such, this goal has not yet been made sufficiently concrete. After all, knowledge is only a means, and not an end in itself. The core question therefore concerns the purpose for which you require this knowledge. For example: What do you want to improve? Then translate this into the knowledge that is required for this. Even for the most complex matters, such as sustainable health fostering, Wholly Science will guide anyone who really wants to know to the desired answers.

“I want to discover my True Self!” In the concluding module of Level 3, the most important concepts related to our “self ” are discussed. In everyday usage, little or no distinction is usually made between core concepts such as personality, character, nature, ego, self, soul, and spirit. Thoughtlessly, the designation “I” is invariably used as a catch-all term. However, only by impartially and attentively examining this inner “receptacle”, we can begin to discover who we really are (meaning: what our self-conception really includes). Wholly Science supports you from start to finish in this often confrontational self-examination.

Overview of the Wholly Science Education Program

“I want to become better in creating!” Wholly Science indeed educates all its students to become conscious creators of their own reality. However, this is the bonus that will manifest itself only after the completion of the Wholly Science Education Program. At Level 5, the Initiation in the Mysteries of Creation takes places. In ancient times, you were only admitted to an Initiation School (also called Mystery School) when you were found worthy to enter. For Wholly Science, you acquire your initiation worthiness by making a substantial contribution to Wholly Science, which can be completed in three different ways (as explained on the Wholly Science Education Program web page). The more Conscious Creators (also called White Wizards or Sourcerers) there are, the greater is our influence on the overall reality. Remember that every little bit helps, and that we do this not only for our own generation, but also for the next generations. We live here and now because we feel called to push back the advancing darkness. Wholly Science offers us the insights we need for this. Will you help?

Thank you for reading this Pateo Newsletter (and possibly also forwarding it, and/or republishing it).

With Love and Wisdom,

Johan Oldenkamp

Pateo.NL : Wholly Science (“The wholesome reunification of sound Science and solid Spirituality”)

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