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Simultaneously press your Control key (usually abbreviated as ‘Ctrl’) and the key for the letter F (as the initial letter of the verb ‘Find’). In the entry field, which will then appear, you can give in the subject that you are looking for. If that subject is mentioned as a referral on this webpage, then that subject will be shown as the search result on this referral page, together with at least one clickable link. If not, then you could try the Subjects page of the PateoPedia. However, if you search for people, then click on the image of the magnifying glass, above on the right-hand side.

Searching via the above input field is also possible. If the entered text is present on this referral page, then it will be highlighted in yellow. Next, scroll down to see this.

Searching Pateo.NL via an internet search engine is also possible:

If it is not on Pateo.NL, then maybe you can find it elsewhere on the internet:

Such a Referral Page of Pateo.NL is also available in Dutch.

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