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Pateo Newsletter № 58

Pateo Newsletter of Friday 4 December 2020 on becoming an ambassador for Wholly Science

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The Pateo.NL web addresses now start with https

Since last month, all web addresses on the Pateo.NL domain start with https, so with the “s” for secure. If you have saved Pateo.NL web addresses, then please add this “s”. Also, you can delete the “www.” at the beginning, if you wish. You are very much invited to take a look at this renewed website.

Will you join Pateo’s online meetings?

Students of Wholly Science have now twice a week the opportunity to join a videoconference with fellow students. On 12 November 2020, we started to have these weekly online meetings every Thursday from 9 p.m. (Central European Time). This week, we will also start with online meetings every Sunday from 2 p.m. (Central European Time). All students of Wholly Science can join each meeting for free. Go to the Agenda of Pateo.NL to see the details.

Next year, we will also start with only self-knowledge workshops based on the Level 2 modules of the Wholly Science Education Program. In real life, I have given these workshops twelve times: six times in France, once in Romania, and five times in Germany. If you are interested in following one ore more of these online self-knowledge workshops, then please contact me, and also indicate which day of the week and start time you prefer.

Will you become a Wholly Science ambassador?

Wholly Science is the all-encompassing paradigm that will eventually replace any belief system. This is not only true for all religious beliefs (including all established religions as well as all variants or offshoots thereof), but also belief in university “science”, which is also a belief system, called scientism. Furthermore, belief in the government and the legal system, belief in news reporting by mainstream media, and belief in suppressing disease symptoms with pharmaceuticals, all these belief systems will sooner or later fall to pieces. In that regard, 2020 has been a very revealing year for many. Anyone who still does not realize that this so-called “pandemic” is nothing more than an exaggerated occasion to commit a covert coup d’etat, deserves an injection, in my opinion. Or am I going too far now?

Anyway, we got into this war without actually realizing it properly at first. Officially, this is a war against an invisible enemy, but in reality, that enemy does not exist at all. The actual truth is that this is a war against people who are still connected to their Soul. The aim of this war, which has been preceded by years of preparation, is the ruthless disconnection of all Souls for all humanity.

You will only see it when you get it! This famous statement by Johan Cruijff (1947 – 2016) is also very appropriate here. Nowadays hardly anyone knows what the Soul actually is. The coming systematic cutting off of Souls will therefore remain completely unnoticed by ignorant people. They may not get it until the afterlife, but then it will be much too late.

Ordinary people believe that a human is nothing more than a physical body that enables us to perceive, do, feel, and think. But as soon as this physical body is no longer alive, and thus has become a corpse, our existence is not over yet. People who have had a so-called “near death” experience, all say that there is life after physical death. This designation of “near death” is therefore completely wrong, because these are “survival after physical death” experiences. These people were not “nearly dead”; no, they were “physically stone-dead”. This proves that physical death is not the end of our existence.

In the civilization of Ancient Khemit, the future existence in the afterlife was much more important than the present existence in the beforedeath. However, in our godless society, it is exactly the other way around. And do not think that religious believers would do well, because for the existence in the afterlife, all religious beliefs are of zero value. Anyone who believes that in the afterlife religious believers would be rewarded and infidels would be punished, is just as fooled as small children who still believe in Santa Claus.

The big question is: How can I help you to see the Truth? You will have to get it first, and only then you are able to see it. For years I have been sharing what I see, for instance via these newsletters. But what has been the effect of this so far? How many people now see the bigger picture as a result? How many people have really awakened because of this, with which I mean the third level of awakening! As far as I am concerned, the answer is: Far too few.

That is why I am now asking for help. I require ambassadors who will help to further propagate Wholly Science. Wholly Science teaches you what your Soul is, so that you can make sure not to lose or sell it without realizing this. And after you have secured your own Soul, as an ambassador you will then help others to do the same.

How does this work, you might want to know? This goes by re-educating yourself from scratch in Wholly Science. In our modern times, this is The Way! And do not wait too long with this, as we are at war. The syringes are ready and 2021 will be the year of the semi-compulsory injections. If you want to stay connected to your Soul, then start as soon as possible to re-educate yourself in order to become a Wholly Human (someone who is connected with the Wholly Spirit). Or would you rather wait for a possible next life?

In conclusion, a free tip: Do not use words that you do not know exactly what their meaning is, such as the words “soul” and “spirit”. People who ignorantly and therefore wrongly use these words, not only fool themself, they ultimately also pay the ultimate price for this, namely the loss of their own Soul.

Thank you for reading this Pateo Newsletter (and possibly also forwarding it, and/or republishing it).

With Love and Wisdom,

Johan Oldenkamp

Pateo.NL : Wholly Science (“The wholesome reunification of sound Science and solid Spirituality”)

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