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Popular Documentaries Reviewed

Most of the free online documentaries are certainly worth to be watched. To do so, click on the corresponding link in front of it, where you also find a review of each documentary.

link Vatican Secret Societies and the New World Order
link The Game Changers (2019)
link Debunking A Century of War Lies (2018)
link The Tesla Files (2018)
link American Moon (2017)
link Ukraine on Fire (2016)
link In-Shadow - A Modern Odyseey (Animated Short Film of 13 min.)
link Betrayal - On Functional Medicine (7-part documentary series by Dr. Tom O’Bryan)
link The Zionist Master Plan
link Insider speaks out on who really runs this world
link Once were the Living (a documentary by Spacebusters)
link Lo Sfidante (The Opponent)
link The Code (by Carl P. Munck)
link The Holographic Disclosure
link The Secret
link The Unmasking
link Thrive
link The Simulation Hypothesis
link Water - The Great Mystery
link We ~ The Skythians
link Zeitgeist
link The Egg
link Chemtrails: The Secret War (subtitled Italian documentary from 2015)
link The Fall of the Cabal (form 2019 by Janet Ossebaard)
link 5G Health Effects

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