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What is true and what is false? People who realize that the official “truth” is false in a remarkable number of cases are tempted to accept any alternative “truth” that comes along. However, these alternative “truths” are mostly also false.

To prevent people from finding out the truth, all possible means are used, like distraction, confusion, and suggestion. Also, some “researchers” are paid to spread disinformation or to discredit genuine truth seekers, while other researchers are mind controlled, causing them to come up with anything but the truth.

Meanwhile, there are many wrong directions or “tracks”. The investigation of only one of these tracks already costs a lot of time, let alone examining all of them thoroughly. I made this section of the PateoPedia as a free service to you that saves you plenty of otherwise wasted time, not to mention the disappointment when you realize that it was indeed astray.

As I already spent so much time and energy in investigation all alternative “truths”, my free service to you is to warn you in advance for any of these falsehoods. I do this by exposing the people who promote these falsehoods as disinformers. Please understand that the purpose of this listing of these disinformers is not to condemn them. Its aim is only to warn you of the lies that are proclaimed. In many cases, these disinformers are not aware that they proclaim untruths, and in fact think that they are doing the very opposite of that. Therefore, it is not about these people as messengers, as it solely is about their false messages. Can you not make that distinction, then this free service is not meant for you, and you are urged to exit this section of the PateoPedia.

Do you have additional information for this section of the PateoPedia, the please contact us.

This PateoPedia section, written by Johan Oldenkamp, is also available in German and Dutch.

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